Complete Facial Kit with Calendula Primrose Face Cream


Each kit includes all 6 steps of the herbal facial regime, including the Calendula Primrose Face Cream.

Facial kits provide enough product for 5 to 8 facials, as well provide enough face cream and under eye cream to last 2 to 6 months (depending on usage). Typically you may need to reorder Clay Mask, Cleanser Toner or Witch Hazel.

Save 10% by ordering the complete facial kit!

Includes Step1 through Step 6

Step 1: Clay Mask
Step 2: Witch Hazel
Step 3: Face Scrub
Step 4: Cleanser and Toner
Step 5: Calendula Primrose Face Cream
Step 6: Eye Cream

Click here for instructions for a home facial treatment