Certified Master/Clinical Herbalist

About Life Root Healing

When I began my study at Dominion Herbal College (completed the Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program, Master Herbalist and Clinical Herbal Therapy) I had full intentions of opening a clinic practicing Herbology, Reflexology and Colon Therapy. Once I finished I realized that I LOVED harvesting herbs, formulating and making herbal preparations for my family and friends.  I abandoned the clinic, listened to my heart and started the business.

I’ve always been very particular about the skin care products I’d use on my face and body; having very sensitive skin I would have reactions to most commercial brands. Founding Life Root Healing allowed me to formulate a family of face, skin and body care products that I could use on myself and recommend, without reservation, to others. Life Root Healing products contain only simple, clean, pure natural ingredients infusing the significant healing properties of fresh, hand-picked, organic and/or wild crafted herbs. These products are non-GMO and are cruelty free. Our uncompromising quest for quality means that all creams are handmade, blended one small batch at a time, under my direct supervision.

We use a variety of high quality ingredients to create Life Root Healing products. All herbs are either organic or wild crafted, and are harvested in a sacred way according to Native American Tradition, including the leaving of an offering and the giving of thanks to mother earth.

In 2013 I had to reprint our labels in order to be compliant with Health Canada regulations.  It was during this time that I re-branded the line and called it CARŌL’S.

What sets Life Root apart?

When you purchase a CARŌL’S product, you are buying something we prepared for you, by hand, with care and love. It has typically been made within the last 30 days or less. And even though our products are available through a number of high profile sources, such as leading natural food and health care retailers, our operations (and costs) do not include excessive marketing.

Instead, our loyal customer following has grown through word of mouth. So what you are paying for is quality ingredients, herbal expertise, and handmade production. This makes CARŌL’S products significantly different than most other store shelf brands. I’m confident that when you try us, you’ll see and feel the difference for yourself.

We are 100% committed to your satisfaction with all CARŌL’S products!