Custom Formulas

Life Root Healing has the expertise to develop and prepare almost any type of custom formulated natural skin care product.

Most custom formulations are modifications of existing stock formulas.

Modifications are usually related to:

  • the addition of different essential oils (or fragrances),
  • addition of different herbs or vitamins,
  • different oil bases for creams and lotions,
  • different agents and content ratios to create different product consistencies and textures,
  • addition of customer specific and/or proprietary ingredients.

Custom formulations may require slightly larger minimum orders than with our stock formulas; however, since all our products are handmade, ordering requirements will remain low, in comparison to other suppliers. Small orders are welcome.

All products can be supplied in our stock containers. Alternatively, we can fill products in your containers. See our page on packaging for more details. Most products can also be bulk shipped, for filling by the customer. (Products which set after preparation, such as face creams and skin creams, are usually not bulk shipped)

Life Root can custom formulate any type of skin care product. We are equipped for rapid custom formulation and production of a wide variety of products.

Facial care products

  • Face creams and under-eye creams
  • Face cleansers
  • Face toners
  • Face scrubs
  • Clay masks


Skin care products

  • Hand creams, body creams, foot creams
  • Baby creams
  • Healing creams
  • Tattoo Lotion
  • Beard Oil


Body Bath & Massage Oils

Herb infused massage oils, with combinations of

  • various oils (grapeseed, sunflower, olive, wheat germ, apricot, avocado, almond, coconut, and hemp)
  • various essential oils

Hand and body lotions

An unlimited possibility of rich and luxurious hand and body lotions, based on a mixture of a variety of oils, including: olive oil, grape seed oil, hemp oil, and avocado oil. These oils can be custom scented using any combinations of 100% essential oils and/or fragrances.


Herbal mouthwash

Use our mouthwash base to design your own custom formula herbal mouthwash using any combination of 100% essential oils.


Lip Balms

We custom manufacture lip balms with customer choice of herb infused oils and essential oils in our unique base combination of oilve oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, vitamin E oil and beeswax. Cocoa butter and shea butter can also be added to create lip butters. Available in bulk orders of minimum 1 liter, just melt and pour into your own containers.

Find Out More about Private Label

Life Root Healing is a leading supplier of premium quality, handmade, organic herbal natural skin care products to the private label market. Life Root Healing private label product services are ideally suited for small to medium sized organizations. To find out more about Life Root Healing and how our services can help you grow your business, and to arrange for a free consultation, please complete the inquiry form.