Home Facial Treatment Instructions

Home Facial Treatment Instructions

It’s important to begin your facial with a clean, makeup free, face. I tend not to use soap on my face as I find the soap dries out my skin too much. Use a warm wash cloth with plain water to clean your face. If you have eye make up then use a Life Root Face Cream to remove it. Simply place a little cream on your finger than gently wipe the eye in a down ward motion. Wipe off the cream with a soft tissue.

You will need:

  • washcloth and towel
  • cotton pads (or cotton balls)
  • hot and cold running water
  • Life Root Healing 5 Step Herbal Facial Regime

STEP 1. Apply the Clay Mask to a clean face and throat. Avoid the eye lid area and any other sensitive areas. When the clay has dried completely, wash off with warm water and a wash cloth.

STEP 2. Apply the Witch Hazel to a cotton ball or pad and wipe your face and throat. Avoid the eye socket area and any other sensitive area. Repeat this procedure using new cotton ball until all signs of the clay have been removed.

STEP 3. Spread 2 tsp. of Face Scrub onto your fingertips and scrub in a circular motion all over your face. Avoid the eye socket area and any other sensitive area. You may want to scrub a little extra on your chin and around your nose (I find that I get more oil build up here). Rinse your face thoroughly.

Repeat the application of Witch Hazel (STEP 2) until the scrub is been removed and your face is clean.

Now for the face steam

Place a clean wash cloth under hot water (but be careful that you do not burn your hands or face). Ring the cloth out slightly, and carefully lay the hot cloth across your face. This will open all your pores and give them a deep clean. Repeat this steaming 2-3 times. I find the harder my day has been. the more I steam my face. You will not believe how relaxing this is. Please don’t exceed 4 applications. When steaming is complete, immediately splash cold water on your face to close pores and increase blood circulation. Yes, you should gasp! Please use your own judgement on how hot you make the steam and how cold you make the splash. Facials should be fun and safe. USE CAUTION … DO NOT HURT YOURSELF.

STEP 4. Apply the Cleanser and Toner to cotton ball and wipe your face and throat to re-establish the Ph of the skin. Avoid the eye socket area and any other sensitive area.

STEP 5.  Apply 1-3 pumps of the Antioxidant-rich Facial Oil evenly to your face and neck.

STEP 6. Rub a small amount of Calendula Primrose or Chamomile Rose Face Cream onto your fingertips then apply to your face using an upwards motion. If the face cream does not absorb within 2 minutes you have used too much.

STEP 7. Apply a small amount of Eye cream to your fingertips and apply around your eye area.


At this point, your face skin should feel remarkably smooth and nourished. Now look closely into the mirror and see how beautiful you are and how alive your skin feels and looks!