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I had always been very particular about the beauty products I'd use on my face and body. Having very sensitive skin I would have reactions to most commercial skin care products. Founding Life Root allowed me to formulate a family of natural, face care, skin care and body care products that I could use on myself and recommend, without reservation, to others. CARŌL’S contain  simple and clean ingredients infusing the significant healing properties of fresh, hand picked, certified organic and wild crafted herbs. 

Our products are non-GMO and are cruelty free. Our uncompromising quest for purity means that all creams are handmade, blended one small batch at a time, under my direct supervision.

We use a variety of oils, herbs and essential oils to create CARŌL’S. All herbs are either certified organic or wild crafted, and are harvested in a sacred way according to Native American tradition, including the leaving of an offering and the giving of thanks to mother earth. 

Private Label Information
CARŌL’S product highlights:

developed by a Certified Master Herbalist

hand made in small batches


emphasize the
healing benefits of herbs

use herb infused oils and essential oils

use only certified organic and/or 
wild crafted herbs

ideal for people with sensitive skin or 
problem skin conditions

  non-GMO and cruelty free

sold by leading health food retailers

use recyclable packaging

 What are the various CARŌL’S products?

Facial Care products:  a complete 5 step at home herbal facial regime, including our premium Calendula Primrose and Chamomile Rose face creams, Eye Cream, Face Scrub,  Clay Mask, 
Cleanser and Toner and  Witch Hazel.

Skin Care products:  Baby Cream, Owie Cream, Scar Softening Salve, Blooming Belly Butter

Hand and Body Lotions:  Rose, Unscented, Coconut/Vanilla /Almond, Lavender /Rosemary

Herbal Mouthwash: our dentist approved Herbal Mouth Wash.

 Who buys CARŌL’S products?
 - women and men who are proactive about their lives and their health;
 - individuals dealing with skin problems or skin conditions who want the healing benefits of organic herbs;
 - everyone who wants to experience pure, natural beauty care products;
 - those who have specific requirements for a custom formulated skin care product
 - people like you, who deserve the very best!

CARŌL’S products are available through this web site via credit card using the secure e-commerce services of PayPal    Our products are also available through various retailers. We also provide products on a wholesale basis to natural food and health care retailers and health care professionals.

We've tried to make this web site as valuable a resource as possible. You'll find complete information on the variety of ingredients we use to make the products.

Go to our contacts page to find out how to communicate with us if you have any questions or to send us any feedback.  See our shipping page for delivery options. Check out our testimonials page to read a sample of what people are saying about CARŌL’S products.

We are 100% committed to your satisfaction with all CARŌL’S products! 


Carol Barber

Certified Master/Clinical Herbalist


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Herbal  Skin Care

CARŌL’S products are handcrafted, hypoallergenic and designed for use on even the most sensitive of skin types.

My name is Carol Barber.  I'm a Certified Master Herbalist,  graduate and instructor (Chartered Herbalist Diploma Program) of Dominion Herbal College.

I founded Life Root Healing in 1995 with the goal of bringing the purest, highest quality skin care products to my customers.
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Face Care
How to do a facial

Skin Care
Beard Oil

Hand & Body Lotions 
Tattoo Lotion

Herbal Mouth Wash

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